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Choosing an Electrician

Selecting a qualified electrical contractor for your home or business can be challenging. You know something is wrong, but you lack the expertise to diagnose the problem yourself – and you are at the mercy of the supposed expert. Most electrical contractors are specialists to one degree or another, so it helps to identify your particular needs before you start calling.


•     Electrical contractors are classified by the work they do – generally, “outside” or “line” contractors are responsible for high-voltage power transmission and distribution lines; “Inside” electrical contractors provide electricity to buildings and structures; and “Integrated building systems” (IBS) or “Voice/Data/Video” (VDV) electrical contractors.
•     Once you have defined your specific need, your goals are to find a contractor that is technically proficient, reputable and financially stable and has a thorough understanding of your business.
•     You should consider NECA contractors the best option for your job because they are committed to the latest technologies, training techniques, billing methods and safety updates. Most important, they are your #1 source for expert energy solutions. 

NECA contractors hold a high standard for superior performance and are committed to delivering quality results. NECA contractors belong to 119 local chapters across the country. Your local NECA chapter can help you find a qualified electrical contractor with the right experience. Ask the chapter manager to recommend a NECA member that knows your industry.