Connecting You with the Industry’s Best


Your Customer Connection

You have the expertise and resources necessary to meet your customers’ demands, but how do they find you?

In an increasingly tech-savvy age, your customers are first looking online to find an electrical contractor. And NECA Connection is the best online contractor-referral tool available to them because it exclusively provides listings of NECA contractors.

NECA Connection is also available to you. This online search tool is Google’s top result for “find an electrical contractor,” bringing customers directly to NECA Connection – and your company’s listing!

Your Business Partner Connection

NECA contractors have told us one of the primary benefits of membership is the network of contractors throughout the country available for joint ventures and business partnering opportunities. And like your customers, they’re using NECA Connection to find you. Do you have a project that could mean opportunity for one of your fellow NECA contractors? They are only a NECA Connection search away!

Your Best Way to Stay Connected

How do you make the most of NECA Connection and be sure you aren’t overlooked the next time opportunity comes looking for you? By keeping your company’s NECA Connection Profile updated with your firm’s contact information and project experience.

A NECA Connection search pulls your company’s contact information from the information that you (or your chapter) has entered into your NECA membership record. Potential customers enter their project information and criteria into the NECA Connection search, which matches their needs with your company’s information. And if your information isn’t up to date in NECA’s membership directory, it can’t display in a NECA Connection search!

Make sure these new customers can find you! Learn how to make the most out of The NECA Connection, and update your company profile now!