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Commercial and industrial construction includes large building projects like schools, hospitals, office buildings, retail shops, warehouses and factories.

For these building projects, electrical contractors are responsible for the design of electrical systems and installation of electrical items, including:

  • lighting fixtures
  • switches and receptacles for electrical appliances
  • panels and switchgear that connect a building to a power source
  • the wiring that makes all these electrical systems work together

Commercial and industrial construction includes new construction projects (from the ground up) and major renovations of existing structures. Most of this work is bid competitively, and the electrical contractor is often a specialty subcontractor working for the general contractor employed by the building owner. However, the electrical contractor can have a direct contract with the owner or be hired as part of a design-build team.

Commercial and industrial construction work is project-oriented and may extend over months or years. Projects are generally awarded on a contract price, and progress billings are common, based on a percentage of the contract’s completion.